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Making Your Move Hassle Free

So, you have to move…now what? You know you have to label the boxes and figure out which goes where, but how do you help reduce your costs and save your back on getting from one home to the next. Well here are some sure-fire ways to make your next...

STOP IT!  Ways You are Hurting Your Back and Solutions To Making It Better

We never gave a thought to lifting that big box or moving furniture across the room in our 30’s, but the game has changed with our aging backs and we now need to work smarter not harder.  Back pain is one of the most common complaints doctors see patients for...

How To Choose a Personal Grocery Shopping Cart For Stairs

It can be difficult to find a personal shopping cart that allows you to carry groceries up and down stairs easily and safely. Personal folding shopping carts are the latest trend among seniors, retired adults, parents and even young adults. These carts have caught on big with members of all...

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