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UpCart Lift

The only stair climbing hand truck
that folds completely flat!

Carry 200 lbs up and down stairs with reduced effort.
The UpCart Lift’s sturdy aluminum construction and patented engineering allow it to haul up to 200lbs up and down stairs, and over uneven surfaces. An independent 3rd party lab found that UpCarts require 64% less effort than traditional 2-wheel carts.
UpCart’s are Up for Anything!
A Multi-Purpose Powerhouse
Designed to reduce effort while hauling 200lbs up and down stairs, and over all terrains. The Lift is truly ready for anything.
Built for maximum productivity with durable dual-layer rubber tires, large easy-to-hold grips, and an adjustable 4-position handle.
Patented technology allows this cart to fold completely flat to less than 5 inches for convenient storage in your vehicle or closet.
Convenience. Durability. Power.
The innovative UpCart Lift is the first hand truck to offer an all-terrain stair climbing chassis that can haul bigger loads and fold completely flat in seconds!
A Powerhouse of a Hand Truck.
Lift and maneuver up to 200lbs with
reduced effort.
Carries 18x Its Weight
Weighing in at just over 11lbs, the UpCart Lift is lightweight yet strong.
Tallest Handle In Its Class
The adjustable 4-position handle extends up to 50 inches tall for optimum height on a variety of surfaces.
Ensures Safe Hauling
To avoid a major accident, the safety release button is strategically placed on the back of the handle and requires firm pressure.
Easy To Grip
The large, extra wide, easy-to-hold grips provide more places to hold and allow for a 2-hand or 2-person operation.
Custom Dual-Layered Rubber Tires
Each tire is made from inner layer of soft rubber for shock absorption and an outer layer of hard rubber for durability.
Reduce Effort. Accomplish More!
Whether you’re hauling several boxes, appliances, or small furniture – the multi-purpose UpCart Lift is the folding hand truck that hauls more, while requiring less strain and effort on your part.
Retail: $129.95
Exclusions Apply. Not Valid In Alaska & Hawaii