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Carry items up & down stairs, and through uneven terrain with ease.

UpCart has the perfect solution for transporting all your necessities. Our durable, easy-to-store stair climbing hand cart reduces effort, helps you avoid strain and injury and solves a wide range of real-world problems. Now with a 125 lbs/57 kg capacity.

Designed With You In Mind

Minimizes fatigue and significantly reduces effort going up and down stairs. Prevent unnecessary strain and injury while accomplishing the tasks you need to complete.
Easily maneuvers over indoor/outdoor terrains. Use it in your home, on the job, in your yard, and during all seasons.
Unique design folds completely flat for convenient and fast storage. With compact folding capabilities, it’s easy to find storage space.

The UpCart Deluxe is a robust solution to real-world problems.

Unique design and engineering allow the UpCart to accomplish a variety of tasks in environments where other folding carts can't get the job done.

Stronger And More Durable.

The UpCart Deluxe features the same innovative design as the UpCart Original, but carries up to 25% more weight capacity.

Haul More With The UpCart Deluxe
Added aluminum allows it to weigh only 1 lb more than the Original, with the ability to carry 25 lbs of additional weight.
Adjustable Grip Handle
Set the adjustable handle to your preferred height for best use on stairs or level surfaces.
Reduce Effort Up And Down Stairs
Independently tested by a 3rd party lab that found up to 64% less effort on stairs than with a traditional 2-wheel cart.
Improved Stability, Balance and Durability
The sturdy bearings are built to last and developed on a modular folding-chassis that shapes itself to the unique challenges of obstacles and terrains.
Comes Fully Assembled
Ready to go out of the box! Start using your UpCart Deluxe minutes after you receive it.