The UpCart Original is a stair climbing, folding hand cart like no other. Order now and receive free shipping!
UpCart combines an all-terrain three-wheel chassis with a folding hand cart. Our unique engineering means that it is just as capable of bringing home the groceries with ease at it is hauling a 100 lbs. cabinet up multiple stairwells to your fifth floor apartment. It also folds to a depth of just over four inches, allowing for convenient storage.
User Benefits:
  • Reduced effort up and down stairs
  • Improved stability and balance
  • Folds to compact size for easy storage


  • UpCart: BUNGEE

    UpCart: BUNGEE




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  • UpCart: STRAP UP

    UpCart: STRAP UP

  • It's Up For Anything

    The three-wheel design employed by the UpCart will decrease pressure applied on supporting surfaces, which improves stability and allows the UpCart to "walk" over curbs, stairs and obstacles.

  • Built To Last

    Bearings that will hold up to the rigors of modern life, and developed on a modular folding chassis that will shape itself to the unique challenges of objects in different environments and on different surfaces.

  • Improved Stability and Balance

    With four wheels in contact with the ground at all times, the weight of the load is distributed more evenly and makes it easier for you to handle.

  • Adjustable Handle

    Adjustable handle height allows you to select the optimum height for both stairs and level surfaces to minimize strain and help reduce the risk of fatigue and injury.

  • Comes Fully Assembled

    In an effort to save you time and take out all the guesswork, your new UpCart will ship to you fully assembled. That means you can start using your UpCart the same day that you receive it.

Open Dimensions:

43.9" H x 23.3" W x 19.5" L

Folded Dimensions:

21.2" H x 24.3" W x 4.4" L

Platform Dimensions:

16.5" W x 9.7" L

Net Wt:


What Comes Built-In:
Non-Marking Rubber Tires
Like that found on rollerblades, these rubber tires offer top performance, lower rolling resistance and last much longer.
Precision Cast Aluminum Alloy Parts
Key mechanism and structural parts are made from aluminum and steel vs. plastic, therefore are stronger and more durable.
Shielded Ball Bearings in Wheel
Keeps debris out to maintain smooth operation.
Spring Assisted Folding/Unfolding
Prevents accidental folding and unfolding and self-locking when unfolded.
Powder Coating
More resistant to chips and scratches.


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Judi Brannon
  • 5.0
I purchased one for my hubby for Christmas, and it's the perfect solution to our stairs! The last week in October we have to start packing up our entire house of Knick-Knacks, getting ready for Christmas and where do all these bins of Knick-Knacks have to go? In the attic! We have 14 stairs to climb to the second floor! My hubby has constant back pain as it is and when he has to carry a dozen or more plastic bins full of Knick-Knacks up those 14 stairs it's not fun! This beautiful UPCART makes it a breeze now to get those filled plastic bins upstairs! Thank You so much!
Judi Brannon/ Livermore, CA.
  • 5.0
I am petite and 71 yrs old and do not have a man around to always do the lifting and carrying for me. I haven't had this for very long but please do not stop making them because it is a life saver. I had purchased other carts but they were either too big or too little and hard at times to manage. And I have a dolly but don't want to keep it in the house and have no place to keep handy outside without buying a cover for it to protect it. Nor does it work even close to how well this cart works. It is awesome and please do not stop making it.
Gloria Burnette
  • 5.0
I purchased this, it has been a god send for me. I have 3 sets of steps to get up to my condo and this has made it possible to get groceries upstairs with out killing myself. I attached a plastic bin with velcro straps to corral the grocery bags.
Debbie Reinbolt
  • 5.0
The upcart just arrived and I am amazed. It came out of the box ready to use, it folds and unfolds easily, and goes up and down steps with no problems.
I know it won't hold as much weight as the larger stairway cart I have but I can't even use the larger cart because it weighs over 40# empty.
I'm thrilled with this purchase.
Pam Johnston
  • 5.0
I'm 62, and although I'm in pretty good shape it is a struggle to carry some items (like a 24 count case of bottled water) from my car through the laundry room and into my kitchen. I bought the UpCart with the upgrade bag attachment to help me.
I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality of my up UpCart. It's easy to use, and with the bag attachment I can carry all my groceries in just 1 trip vs four or five trips. It's super easy to fold up and store away.
My friend came to visit and was very impressed too when I showed it to her. I realized she needed one more than me, since she lives on the second floor apartment. She has a lot of stairs to climb. So I ordered one for her as an early birthday present! This is a great idea product and I highly recommend it!
  • 5.0
A friend told me about this and I bought one. It's everything the video shows and more. Works great. Going around corners is tricky, but not an issue overall.
  • 5.0
  • 5.0
Bought one and after testing it out for 2 weeks, I ordered one for my dad! Excellent construction and being a mechanical engineer, I am very impressed on the mechanics!! Worth buying!