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Built for Durability, Convenience, and Reduced Effort.

Employing the same innovative three-wheel design as the UpCart Original, the Pro Shopper allows you to easily transport items up and down stairs. Its nickel-plated frame and non-marking rubber tires provide long-lasting durability and low rolling resistance.

The Most Practical, Eco-friendly Personal Shopper

Easily handles over 70+ lbs. of groceries, hobby accessories, office supplies, art supplies and more!
Spring assisted technology is built in to help prevent accidental folding, unfolding and self-locking when in use.
The unique and innovative design allows the Pro Shopper to fold completely flat, saving space while being transported or stored away.

Ideal for Teachers, Crafters, and Grocery Shopping!

With three zipper compartments, the Pro Shopper allows you to safely separate your items by categories and even types of food. The Pro Shopper folds to a compact size with ease, quickly becomes a great travel companion.
The Pro Shopper is easy to handle, distributes weight evenly, and significantly reduces strain and effort over uneven surfaces.

Improved Performance.

Same innovative three-wheel design as the
original – with more advantages.

Eco-friendly Design
The 25-gallon, 3-tiered bag eliminates the need for disposable bags.
Three Secure Zipper Compartments
Keeps shopping and grocery items organized and categorized.
Climbs Stairs Effortlessly
Easily carry 70+ lbs. with improved stability and performance.
Compact Folding
Folds flat to less than 5 inches for convenient storage.
Multi-purpose Use
Transport groceries, crafts, kid’s toys and more!