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The best solutions are often the simplest!

When we developed the UpCart Original, we didn’t set out to re-invent the wheel. Instead, we wanted to simplify how you get all your necessities to your destination. The UpCart Original is not the first cart to fold flat or traverse obstacles – but it is the first to do both! Easily transport up to 100 lbs, then fold your UpCart to a depth of just over four inches in seconds.

A Foldable Cart Up For Anything!

Whatever you’re trying to move, the UpCart’s innovative three-wheel design improves stability and allows it to “walk” up multiple stairwells, over curbs, and over obstacles on all terrains.
The adjustable handle allows you to select the optimum height for both stairs and level surfaces, so you can minimize strain and reduce the risk of injury regardless of what you’re doing.
The shielded ball bearings and aluminum alloy parts make the UpCart stronger and more durable. It’s built to last and holds up to the rigors of modern life.

A stair climbing dolly just makes life easier!

The modular folding-chassis shapes itself to the unique challenges of objects in different environments and on different surfaces.
The UpCart Original’s innovative design and engineering will keep you moving effortlessly through whatever hurdles life throws at you!

A Cart Like No Other

Traverse obstacles, fold it flat, and keep on
rolling when other carts fail!
Stay Stable and Balanced
With four wheels in contact with the ground at all times, the weight of the load is distributed evenly allowing for easy handling.
Reduce Effort and Strain
UpCart makes it easy to avoid injury and reduce unnecessary strain and fatigue while still accomplishing what you need to get done.
Store it with Ease
With a folded depth of 4.4 inches, the UpCart Original is easy to fold flat and store away in a small pantry or closet.
Use it Over and Over
The UpCart Original is very durable with long-lasting rubber tires, precision cast aluminum alloy parts, and a scratch-resistant powder coating.
Take it Anywhere
Weighing less than 10 lbs, the UpCart Original is easily transportable in the trunk of a car and functions on a variety of terrains and surfaces.